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About Quin Wyatt Home Building Designer

I have lived on the  Mornington Peninsula,Victoria, Australia for over 30 years. During this time I have developed a passion for the environmental integration of functional, residential building design, and artistic expression, creating sustainable homes with feeling, that blend with their natural surroundings.

My early experience began with training as a designer and master builder under the guidance of an accomplished designer and master builder who taught me the skills of design, drafting and building. See some of my work.

You may ask - what is a building designer?

It may be many different things to many different people but to us this means we can provide you with …

  • Design consultation incorporating ecological and environmental sustainability This is the time to determine your needs, set your budget and see how we can incorporate the needs of environmental sustainability within your budget
  • Beauty and environmental functionality within the boundaries of local regulations Creating beautiful design integrated with passive solar, energy saving systems, and eco friendly materials.
  • Unique residential design Each house design is site specific and will be tailored to suit your individual needs, creating a “one off”.
  • Drafting service CAD or computer aided design used for easy file sharing with the associated professionals who will be helping to create your home.
  • Town Planning drawings Drawings prepared for submission to your local council’s Town Planning office in application for a Town Planning permit. These drawings focus on the exterior form and texture; the siting of the building and the impact on the environment.  
  • Working drawings Drawings and documents prepared for submission to your local Building Surveyor in application for a building permit. This documentation consists of expanded drawings featuring sectional drawings, structural information and other associated reports and assessments.
  • Artificial lighting assessment Building regulations in Australia allow only 5 Watts per one metre sq. for artificial lighting such as ceiling, wall and exterior lights. A lighting plan is included and Xcel summary sheet to explain energy usage.  
  • Landscape design Garden design incorporating indigenous and exotic plantings to provide shading and wind breaks. Deciduous trees planted to the north of a house can provide summer shade and allow winter sun to penetrate north facing windows to capture passive radiant heat for heating.
  • On going support and advice Advise and support to help navigate the pathways to the successful completion of your project.  

……..Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night;and it is not dreamless. Does not your house dream? and dreaming, leave the city for grove or hilltop?……” Kahlil Gibran


A House With Soul

  • It comes to feel a part of the site yet doesn't dominate it.
  • It focuses attention on life (both inside and outside its walls) and not on itself.
  • It is scaled to human proportions yet has some unexpected surprises.
  • It is forgiving of clutter and ages gracefully.
  • It has sufficient space but is not excessively large.
  • It has  airy sunlit spaces during winter and cosy shady places during summer
  • It looks smaller on the outside than it feels on the inside.
  • It has both expansive social spaces and cosy private ones.
  • It is connected to the outdoors through transition spaces such as porches, decks, patios and sunrooms.
  • It allows living to flow in and out of doors and the two are linked together through landscaping.
  • It uses materials that are honest about where they come from.
  • It is designed to adapt to changing needs.
  • It has nurturing spaces that resonate with the harmony and balance of nature
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Registration Number DP-AD 15329- Draftsperson Building Design (AU)

Registration Number DB-U 8999-Domestic Builder-Unlimited (Vic AU)

Qualified Journeyman (Carpenty and Joinery 1981) registration Number 77/736 ACT (AU)