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Keeping it Real

Posted by Quin  |  Posted: 12-Apr-2017

Keeping it Real

"One of the most rudimentry human instincts is the need for somewhere to dwell, a home, a corner of the world where we belong. Yet a home is much more than a shelter; it's a place for, and if we are lucky, of our dreams. Homes that keep it real are made up of an eclectic collection of old , new , made-by-hand, hand-me-downs, worn and loved things. We need refreshing gentle antidotes to calm the uproar of our busy lives. Our homes comfort and protect us; they allow us to be at peace-not always an easy task. Beyond it's positive powers of solitude, a home tells it's owner's sacred story.

A home sweet home is made by living , not decorating. It comes about with participation in the personal , natural and real fun and rhythm of everyday life. Homes share all there is to know about your life and are at their best where they are places of non-fiction , rather than fantasy dream houses. Home is a place to inhabit gently; a place to make last; a place for finding balance , peace and quiet , rest , recovery and reassurance. It's the small differences that tell the story. Homes are places for sharing at will or however you want. Homes are like clothes-different in every season. The good ones rework traditions and come from a family of things that will never date , and so age well. new traditions can be good for the soul."

                (real-living a balanced life- Victoria Alexander)