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Natural lighting at Design Stage

Posted by Quin  |  Posted: 28-Feb-2012

Sunlight is the cleanest and cheapest method of lighting your home during the day. Using passive lighting uses no electricity and is a great way to reduce carbon emissions.

If you are building or renovating, see if you can add well-designed windows or skylights to bring more sunlight into your home. Properly designed, these additions won’t make your home too hot in summer and can help to warm your home in winter.

Light tubes are another cost effective option to replace the need for interior lighting and make the most of natural light. A light tube or pipe is used to bring daylight from the exterior of your home inside and can easily be retrofitted to lighten existing dark rooms or fitted at the time of building. This technology avoids some of the disadvantages associated with conventional skylights and may be cheaper to install. Look on the internet for more information.

You might also think about painting your interior walls light colours, especially in the south facing rooms. This will reflect more light inside your home and reduce the need for artificial lighting.