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Healthy Houses - Air

Posted by Quin  |  Posted: 26-Jan-2012

With the advent of stricter controls over air infiltration to the interior of homes, air that previously would have escaped through uncontrolled cracks and gaps is being trapped inside for longer periods of time.

This air can absorb dangerous gases released at room temperature from interior paints and finishes that contain "VOC"s (Volatile Organic Compounds), typically petro-chemical based products such as paints, carpets, particle board flooring,etc. This is known as "Sick building syndrome" and can contibute to toxic build up in the people living in the house.

Low toxic finishes and natural paints are now available to counter act this problem. It is important for the inhabitants of the house to open up the air vents and windows to flush out stale air reguarly. Controlling the air infiltration is also important to help control energy loss in all seasons.