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Energy Effeciency

Posted by Quin  |  Posted: 17-Mar-2011

The reference for the information in this blog is from the Australian Alliance to Save Energy website.

This article is about energy efficiency and how it is possible to cut our carbon emissions by using available resources and technologies..

Did you know that, if the population and businesses of Australia were to cut energy use on a large scale, 55% of Australia’s greenhouse gas abatement would be met by the year 2050.

You say how does this work and what are the benefits?

  • Your electricity bill would be reduced
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the need for more costly infrastructure
  • Use existing technologies while new are being developed

Energy Saving Tips – information found from various sources

  • Turn off lights
  • Turn off stand-by
  • Insulate
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Install warm light LEDs. They are expensive but as demand grows the price will come down.
  • Buy energy efficient white goods
  • Lap Top computers use up to 90% less power
  • Turn off your computer at night
  • Do you need to leave your illuminated business sign on all night?
  • Paint your interior walls a light colour
  • Businesses that use fridges – cover at night with thermal covers, this will reduce the amount of energy required
  • Install air curtains at entry ways – this will reduce the amount of hot air coming in & will pay for itself in no time