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  • Fresh Air   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 29-Apr-2020

    Fresh Air

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  • Organic houses   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 20-Nov-2017

    Organic houses

    Houses that reflect their natural environment......

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  • Keeping it Real   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 12-Apr-2017

    Keeping it Real

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  • Freedom   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 11-Apr-2016

    Freedom: an allergy-free, eco-friendly home.

    by Michellina van Loder.

    Ecological, eco-design, green, earth-friendly, natural: often these words are used liberally within the building and building manufacturing industry; consequently, as a consumer it can be difficult to assess their true value.

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  • Margan Winery   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 27-Jan-2016

    Rammed earth walls in an ittallianette style feature in this Hunter Valley winery.

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  • Treehouse weekender   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 27-Jan-2016

    This cute treehouse is nestled in the treetops at Rye and is hand made from natural timber products includng polished timber floors, bespoke baltic timber kitchen, and western red cedar weatherboards. 

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  • Selecting Effecient Glazing   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 20-Mar-2015

    Glazing as part of the external fabric of a building is used to allow natural daylight to enter living spaces and utility rooms inside which contributes to the well-being of the occupants and reduces the energy used for artificial lighting.

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  • Building Fabric   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 29-Oct-2012

    The building fabric is an essential component of any house, because it plays a major role in regulating the flow of energy in and out of the building.

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  • Natural lighting at Design Stage   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 28-Feb-2012

    Sunlight is the cleanest and cheapest method of lighting your home during the day. Using passive lighting uses no electricity and is a great way to reduce carbon emissions.

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  • Use Passive Solar Building Design   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 23-Feb-2012

    Position your house to collect the sun’s energy in winter and reduce your need for carbon producing, man-made energy for heating - a cost saving benefit to you and to the environment.

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  • Healthy Houses - Air   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 26-Jan-2012

    With the advent of stricter controls over air infiltration to the interior of homes, air that previously would have escaped through uncontrolled cracks and gaps is being trapped inside for longer periods of time.

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  • Eco Friends   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 07-Apr-2011

    "Eco" is an abbreviated word that has become synonymous these days with anything associated with preserving our planet, and as such needs to be used responsibly by manufacturers.

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  • Energy Effeciency   »

    Posted by: Quin   |   Posted: 17-Mar-2011

    The reference for the information in this blog is from the Australian Alliance to Save Energy website.

    This article is about energy efficiency and how it is possible to cut our carbon emissions by using available resources and technologies..

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